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Air conditioning purchasing tips

Home appliances such as air conditioners have a long life sapn and generally work more than 5 years, so it is especially important to choose a suitable model. Pepple who are familiar with  air conditioner may do not know how choose. Before making decision, let us start to get acquaintance with related knowledges. 1. Classification : Nowadays, the common air conditioners are two kinds of wall-mounted and vertical cabinet air conditioners. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are most suitable for how to use them. You can see the answer when you jump to the next page. 2. Number and area: How many air conditioners are suitable for use in a large area of the room. In order to find the best match, we will list a table of area and number for you, which is convenient for your reference. 3. Air-conditioning energy efficiency label: not only air-conditioning, we can see an energy-efficiency logo on almost all home appliances, here are some key parameters of air-conditioning. From here we can see the energy saving situation of the air conditioner, that is, whether the air conditioner is not expensive, it is necessary to know about it. 4. How to choose the function: In addition to the two main functions of fluorine-free and frequency conversion, the air conditioners also add a lot of extra functions to the air conditioner. For example, the human body Internet of Things, in addition to formaldehyde, intelligent adjustment, etc., these functions are suitable for who use, how to use, listen to the author slowly.

5. Air-conditioning appearance, color selection: In addition to the function, the choice of appearance and color is also a part of the consumer's attention. Nowadays, personalization is popular. Many people have to be different from other people's homes. Here we also introduce several representative air conditioners. 6. Brand and installation: Does the air conditioner let you use it with ease and peace of mind to see what brand of air conditioner you bought. The first-line brand of air-conditioning products gives people a feeling of reassurance, and the technology is also relatively hard, and the after-sales is more perfect.


1. Classification of air conditioners: At present, the most commonly used air conditioners in the home are the air conditioners and cabinet air conditioners. Some of them have overlapping numbers. Of course, it is mainly determined by the space in the home. Let's take a brief look. Wall-mounted air conditioner: This type of air conditioner does not occupy too much family space and adapt to more home environments. The versatile features allow it to be combined with interior decoration. However, due to being installed in a high place, it also caused some difficulties in cleaning and maintenance. Then there is a post-installation, it is not easy to move a place, and you should consider thoughtful before installation. Cabinet air conditioner: The biggest feature of cabinet air conditioner is that it has a large cooling and heating capacity, and can be used in a large area such as the living room. The appearance is beautiful and generous, it has certain flexibility, and it is very convenient to clean. But it will take up some of the family space. 2. Number and area: Consumers who purchase air conditioners will also notice that the models of air conditioners are particularly long. What do these letters represent? Here we will introduce the commonly used letters to represent the meaning. This way we can know its basic performance from the name when we buy it, and see if the promoter is fooling us.


Not only air conditioners, but also other home appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, TVs) will have corresponding energy efficiency labels. From the energy efficiency label, we can see the energy efficiency rating of the air conditioner. The higher the level (1 is the highest), the higher the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner is, the more energy is saved. In addition, we can also see the model of this air conditioner from this logo, which also prevents some of the air conditioner models in the store from being unclear. In order to adapt to the new requirements and make the air conditioner more environmentally friendly, the energy efficiency label of the air conditioner has changed in the past year. According to the mandatory national standard (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard) of the "room air conditioner energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration, fixed-speed air conditioners (also known as fixed-frequency air conditioners, compared with inverter air conditioners)言) The energy efficiency access level has been upgraded on June 1, 2010. The original 3, 4, and 5 low-energy products will not be able to produce because of the barriers to entry. The original 2 energy efficiency is in the new national standard. The middle level becomes level 3, which is the entry level, that is, the threshold for products to reach market access after the standard implementation. The original level 1 energy efficiency becomes the second level in the new national standard, indicating the energy saving evaluation value, that is, the minimum requirement for evaluating whether the air conditioning product is energy-saving. Level 1 of the new standard is the most energy efficient.


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