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Secret: how many degrees of air conditioning settings save the most energy and save energy

Air conditioning is a must-have for every summer, and air conditioning is used in both home and public areas. In the summer season, the opening time of air conditioners is relatively long, and some friends may choose to use them all day. Then the energy-saving problem of air-conditioning is that we pay more attention to it. The amount of money left in the hour may not be much, but the money and energy saved by long-term use are very objective. This time, the temperature set by our air conditioner is set to solve the problem of air conditioning energy saving. When it is particularly hot, many friends like to set the temperature of the air conditioner to be very low, so that the temperature of the room drops rapidly. In the summer, the human body will sweat. If the temperature in the room changes more strongly, it is also a kind of damage to the human body. It is easy to catch a cold. Then we should set the room temperature to suit the right? After the calculation of air conditioning in summer, the air conditioning is set at 26 degrees, and our health is protected.

The reason for setting it to 26 degrees: People feel comfortable depending on the room's color, lighting, air volume and other external factors, and a more important factor is temperature and humidity. According to scientific statistics, the human body feels most comfortable when the temperature is between 24 and 28 °C. What are the benefits of setting it to 26 degrees: In the hottest summer, the temperature may reach 38 degrees, so we can also set it to 3 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature. For example, when the outdoor temperature is 30 degrees, the air conditioner can be set to 26--27 degrees. When the outdoor temperature is 35 degrees, the air conditioner can be set to 28 degrees, which reduces the starting frequency of the compressor, which can save more power. If the whole people consciously raise the temperature of the air conditioner, then the energy-saving energy is very objective. Therefore, the state has also put forward some policies, and you may also know something about it. "Notice on Strict Air Conditioning Temperature Control Standards for Public Buildings", the notice requires that all public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other places with air-conditioning equipment should strictly control the indoor temperature. The indoor air-conditioning temperature in summer is not less than 2 degrees. The heating temperature is not higher than the degree. In addition to the temperature setting, the air conditioning energy saving factor will cause the air conditioning work efficiency to drop if it is not cleaned internally. It may also cause other respiratory diseases. In the following article, the author also briefly introduces how to clean household air conditioners.


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