End of Year Tournament

The 2017 tournament will be at Mahoning on Sunday September 10 at 8:30am! Afterwards we will be heading to JoeyBs for the end of year banquet!

Tuesday July 11, 2017

Please check schedule for changes! A few weeks have shifted around to accommodate the rain out earlier in the season as well ass getting back aligned to the course schedule. If you already sumbitted scores for week 8 I can either hang onto them for the following week or you can play again. Up to you.

Also, Dennis McGinley had to drop out of the league due to a broken hand. His matches will now be considered bye weeks through the end of the season. Any points from completed matches with Dennis have been zeroed out.

Tuesday June 13, 2017

With the rain-out last week we pushed that round to this week. You will still play the same person as you should have for Tuesday June 6 except you will be playing on the BACK 9 this week instead of the front as scheduled. When this match is scheduled on the back later in the season, you will instead play the front. I will adjust the schedule to match.

Start of the Season

As everyone should know, practice rounds will start next Tuesday April 11, 2017. Any new golfers will need to provide me with a minimum of (3) nine round hole scores that were played with and the score card signed by an existing member of the league before the start of the regular season to establish your handicap. With that being said, all (3) nine hole scores do not need to be on different days. If you choose to golf 18 holes instead of 9, you may turn in both 9 hole scores. Also, it is a minimum of 3 scores, you may turn in as many as you wish.

League Dues

League dues are $120.00 this year. Please write a check payable to Chip Solt and get it to him as soon as possible. Please remember that Chip does not cash these checks until the end of the season.


( * ) denotes number of missing matches

Missing Matches