May 22, 2018

Course is rained out again! Matches are cancelled and pushed to end of season. Please check the schedule for updates.

Matches Start

With the course hardly able to open the past few weeks, we are pushing back the start of the league by a few weeks. Please check back for official dates and schedule. I cannot complete the schedule until practice rounds from our new players has been submitted so please get them in as soon as you can. The schedule on this website is NOT the new schedule. Stay tuned for emails.

Start of the Season

2018 practice rounds will start next Tuesday April 10 as long as the weather improves and Mahoning is open. Any new golfers will need to provide me with a minimum of (3) nine hole scores that were played with and the score card signed by an existing member of the league before the start of the regular season to establish your handicap. With that being said, all (3) nine hole scores do not need to be on different days. If you choose to golf 18 holes instead of 9, you may turn in both 9 hole scores. Also, it is a minimum of 3 scores, you may turn in as many as you wish.

League Dues

League dues are $120.00 this year. Please write a check payable to Chip Solt and get it to him as soon as possible. Please remember that Chip does not cash these checks until the end of the season.


( * ) denotes number of missing matches

Missing Matches